Ver la versión completa : Samsung 193P+ is dead...

10/09/2005, 13:29
We heard about it first last January under the 194P name. Officially named 193P+ in March, the first fast PVA Samsung (8 ms) monitor will have a life comparable to its response time. Samsung feel that it took them too long to release a fast PVA monitor and that other actors already have successfully released good MVA 8ms. 193P+ production will be stopped in October and it will be replaced by 6ms PVA 970P.

Until this date, Samsung prefer not to push the 193P+, present it to the press and don’t want any tests done.

This decision might be quite surprising because of the noise organised by Samsung around this monitor for over a year. We can however also think of the Fujitsu-Siemens P19-2 test, the first monitor equipped with the 193P+ PVA 8 ms panel. Such a choice is then understandable…

Source: behardware.com

10/09/2005, 18:40
Pues no sé ké decirte... yo pensé ke estos PVA de 8ms durarían más tiempo... eso ke no tienen ni un año de vida...

12/09/2005, 00:34
Si al final creo que no voy a tocar mi CRT... :(

12/09/2005, 14:05
¿Será el nuevo rey el Samsung de PVA 970P de 6ms?
¿Qué pasará con el Fujitsu-Siemens P19-2 que monta un panel 193P+ PVA 8ms?